1. blogging for fun ,for yourself, at least at begining
2. don't force yourself to blog just for periodically update.
3. don't limit your blog to min. or max. length.
4. don't blog just for audience.
5. don't be afraid of opposite comments.
6. Blogging is to share your thought, your opinion, not your " me too".
7. Blogging tools and interfaces are for convenience, not for "Wow! so fascenating!" The same as your site layout.
8. If you don't want someone reading your blog, never put it on.(Even he/she don't know you have a blog)
9. Try to remember why you are blogging.
10. forget the first 9 rules. use the 10th instead: BLOG FOR YOURSELF!


1. 為了樂趣和你自己而BLOG(至少在一開始時是這樣)。
2. 不要只是為了週期性的更新而強迫自己BLOG。
3. 不要限制你 blog 的文章最大和最小的長度。
4. 不要只是為了你的觀眾而 BLOG。
5. 不要害怕相反意見的迴響。
6. Blog 是分享你的想法和意見,而不是無意義的「我也是...」。
7. Blog 工具和介面以便利為主,而不是「哇!真迷人啊」。你的網站版面也應該是這樣。
8. 如果你不想讓某些人閱讀你的 blog,那麼就別把它放上來 (即使他/她不知道你有一個blog站台)。
9. 試著去記住你為什麼要BLOG。
10. 忘了前九項,使用第十項規則:為了你自己而 BLOG!


* Identify your audience
* Decide where your blog should live
* Start talking
* Get into the practice of "blogrolling"
* Emphasize keywords
* Keep it fresh
* Watch your traffic closely


* 識別你的讀者
* 清楚設定你的網誌定位
* 開始與讀者互動
* 確實實行Blogrolling
* 強調關鍵字
* 保持網誌的新鮮
* 仔細觀察網誌的流量數據(比方說逆向連結Referer)
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